Where the Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation Works

Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation Service Area
Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation Service Area (click to enlarge)

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The Gulf Partnership works in the Gulf Coast region of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. We use the following definition to describe our service area:

  1. the coastal management zones of the Gulf Coast States,
  2. any adjacent land, water and watersheds within 25 miles of the coastal zones; and
  3. all federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our partner organizations work with individual landowners and local communities from the Texas/Mexico border to the southern tip of Florida. Some of our partners work in all 5 states and protect thousands of acres while others focus on a single county or watershed.

To find out more about our partners and the incredible resources they protect, visit their websites listed below.

Working Together to Advance Land and Water Conservation in the Gulf of Mexico region

The members of the Gulf Partnership work together to increase the pace, quality and permanence of land and water conservation

Our member organizations have long-established relationships with private landowners and public agencies throughout the Gulf Coast region, and combine decades worth of experience working to permanently conserve public and private lands and waters for habitat, scenic and cultural resources, nature-based recreation, resilience, water quality and numerous other natural and human services.

Become a Partner

Membership is open to nonprofit conservation organizations that operate in the Gulf region of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi or Texas. Members must have land protection as a key part of their mission.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the partnership.

Our Partners


Weeks Bay Foundation

Contact: Yael Girard, Stewardship Coordinator


Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary

Contact: Ralph Havard, Board Chair


Coastal Land Trust

Contact: Ray Herndon, Board Member


Alabama Forest Resources Center

Contact: Dan Dumont, Executive Director


Alabama Coastal Heritage Trust

Contact: Meg Goecker, Board Member



Conservation Trust for Florida

Susan Carr, Executive Director


Florida Wildlife Federation

Manley Fuller, President


Alachua Conservation Trust

Contact: Tom Kay, Executive Director


Tampa Bay Conservancy

Contact: Jan Smith, Board Member


Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

Contact: Christine Johnson, President



Land Trust for Louisiana

Contact: Jay Addison, President



Wolf River Conservation Society

Contact: Bob Fairbank, President


Mississippi Land Trust

Contact: Robert Smith, Coastal Program Coordinator


Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain

Contact: Judy Steckler, Executive Director



Artist Boat

Karla Klay, Executive Director


Texas Agricultural Land Trust

Contact: Blair Fitzsimons, Executive Director


Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust

Todd Votteler, Executive Director


Galveston Bay Foundation

Contact: Bob Stokes, President


Regional/National Conservation Organizations

Colorado River Land Trust

Jeff Crosby, Executive Director


Trust for Public Land

Contact: Stacey Shankle, Senior Project Manager


The Nature Conservancy

Contact: Robert Bendick, Director, Gulf of Mexico Program


The Conservation Fund

Contact: Ray Herndon, Director - Lower Mississippi Region


National Audubon Society

Contact: Melanie Driscoll, Director


Land Trust Alliance

Contact: Kevin Brice, Southeast Program Director